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Teddy Bears – Uniquely Yours

Build-A-Bear Workshop offers an amazing selection of teddy bears that can be customised in a multitude of ways. Make the perfect cuddly companion with clothing, accessories and more . From unique scents to souns that can be personalised, your new stuffed bear will be uniquely yours.

Shop our range of fine crafted plush toys to get started. Dogs, cats, bunnies and dolls complement the timeless teddy bear to ensure there’s a furry friend for everyone. Once you’ve made a selection , dress them up in a cute outfit. You can go casual or choose from occupation themed clothing and costumes. Shoes, socks and headwear will complete your look.

Once they are dressed to imporess, add in accessories to make your teddy bear stand out from the crowd. CHoose from objects, special scents and sounds or use all three to add depth and character to your stuffed toy. Add a heartbeat that will make your bear demand to be hugged!

Loved by children and adults alike, teddy bears from Build-A-Bear Workshop are the perfect gift-and a trip ton one of our locations to create a unique stuffed animal is an experience like no other.